The Pain-Free Hour

Pain-Free Hours and Low-Pain Days are our goal for our patients in chronic or persistent pain.  Dr. Forest Tennant of the Veract Clinic has developed 9 steps to help long-term pain patients achieve pain-free hours and low-pain days.  The 9 steps are:


1. Pain Relief Medication

2. Ancillary Medications for Insomnia, Anxiety, Fatigue, Anti-Inflammatory, Topicals

3. Protein- Anti-Inflammatory

4. Essential Nutrients

5. Electricity Elimination

6. Stretching to Prevent Contractures

7. Lymph Drainage

8. Mental Exercises

9. Hormones


Pain Management Pharmacy is here to support you through your 9 steps toward pain-free hours and low pain days.  For more information look at the Veract Clinic online.


For more information on the 9 Steps to a Pain-Free Hour, log on to the following website: