For Prescribers

En Soleil Pharmacy specializes in:

   *Pain Management

   *Compounded Medication

   *Hormone Replacement Therapy

   *Home Care Solutions


En Soleil Pharmacy is dedicated to careful pharmaceutical care for our patients with pain.  This means that we will carefully monitor your patients along with you.  We will also ask for a confirmation of diagnosis for chronic pain patients.  Thank you for helping us in this program to provide the best quality pain management.


En Soleil Pharmacy can order compounded medication to your exact specifications.  Click on the navigation tabs below the For Prescribers tab to see some sample ideas.  We can provide creams, ointments, PLO gels, capsules, troche/lozenges, solutions/suspensions, and tablet triturates.


Some of our most popular items are:

  *Promethazine Gel-- nausea control often as fast as an 

               injection without the needle

   *Fentanyl Troches-- sugar-free formula

              buccal absorbtion with less tooth decay

   *Hydrocodone Capsules-- limit or eliminate Acetminophen dose

   *Naltrexone Solution-- designed to reduce opiate-induced constipation & nausea without diminishing pain control

   *Testosterone PLO Gel-- absorbed directly through the skin

   *Estrogen/Progesterone PLO Gel-- customized to your patient

   *Potassium Liquid-- oral dose for veterinary use

   *'Magic Mouthwash'-- see our sample recipie our use your own