Welcome to En Soleil Pharmacy; your Local Family Pharmacy.

Congratulations to Pharmacist in Charge:

Dr. K. Scott Guess, RPh, PharmD


Innovative Pharmacist of the Year 2012


the California Pharmacists' Association


Congratulations to Dr. Scott for creating a

Pain Management Pharmacy practice model

that advances the practice of Pharmacy for all

Come in and speak with a real pharmacist face to face; they are there to help. We are a "full-service" pharmacy. Our qualified employees are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers.


Ask the pharmacist about a Naloxone Opioid Rescue Kit.


Refills online at: www.REFILLRX.COM


Find out more about our pharmacy online. Or, better yet, pay us a visit in person.  We'd love to meet you.

We feature:


Compounded Medication

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Prescription Pain Creams

Bubble Packed Medicine (individual dose packaging)

Medication Synchronization

9 Steps to a Pain-Free Hour

Cane and Walking Sticks by Brazos

Pain Management Skills

Incontinence Supplies

Home Care Items

Compounded Medicine


When you and your doctor decide that a pre-made prescription product doesn't isn't right for you, Pain Management Pharmacy can compound a prescription medicine that is exactly what your doctor ordered. 


Pain Management Pharmacy can prepare:


*Bio-Identical Hormones

*Prescription Pain creams

*Pain-control suppositories, troches, and creams

*Capsules made just for your needs

*Specially flavored liquid medication

*'Magic Mouthwash'

*Pain Patch overlays (when your patch won't stick)


Over the Counter Medical Care

In addition to Rx-only prescription drugs, we offer a broad range of over-the-counter (OTC) products, including: 

  • Lip Care
  • Dietary Products
  • Pain medication


Our trusted brands:

  • Canes and Walking Sticks by Brazos
  • Manicure Items
  • Seat Cushions for Special Bottoms