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Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri 10am to 6pm

Lunch from 1:30-2:00

We will be closed for most major holidays including;

New Year's Day

Memorial Day

Fourth of July

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Thurs & Fri


Emergency Services

Need medical attention outside of our business hours? Find an open pharmacy in your area, or dial 911 for emergency assistance.



Brazos Canes and Walking Sticks

En Soleil Pharmacy features canes & walking sticks by Brazos.  Brazos makes canes in the United States from wood that is grown here.  When you purchase a cane from En Soleil Pharmacy, the pharmacist will assist you in its correct use and make sure that it is sized just for you.  A poorly fitted cane can cause its own aches and pains.

If you need to use a cane, you'll want one that is attractive and comfortable, but you don't want the same old medical-looking cane that you see around.  We have distinctive canes in many styles that you'll want to try out.  En Soleil Pharmacy has both masculine and feminine styles that are sure to please your eye.

Incontinece Supplies

En Soleil Pharmacy also stocks hard-to-find incontinence supplies for both bed-bound patients and for those who have no problem getting around.  We stock bedpans, urinals, underpads, and external male catheters. Come in order adult diapers in your size and style.  Ask about our "Pickle Juice" solution for male incontinence.  It allows men with dribbling issues full freedom and discrete protection.

Mouth Care

If your are caring for a loved one at home or if you have dental problems, you know that hospital-style mouth care items really help.  En Soleil Pharmacy stocks several styles or mouth care items like those used by hospitals.  Lemon-Glycerine swab sticks are such a comfort to so many patients but hard to find anywhere but here.  Toothette foam oral swabs clean so well that many people carry one at all times for a quick brush-up.

Manicure Implements

Millers Forge manicure tools offer excellent prices and guaranteed satisfaction.  Come see our wide variety of Manicure and Make-up tools.  You'll be pleased with what you see and there is a lot to see.

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